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Kim & Kanye on L’Officiel Hommes and Other March 2013 Covers

26 Feb

Reading a magazine is a great way to learn about a country’s popular culture. Unfortunately, buying international issues can be expensive ($10.00 for French Vogue vs. $4.99 for American Vogue?). Thankfully, images of the magazine covers are only a click away. Here are some March 2013 issues en francais:

Cosmo France

Cosmopolitan France: Russian Model Zhanna Tikhobrazova

Glamour France

Glamour France: American Model Charlotte Free (IMG)

Vogue France

Vogue France: Finnish Model Suvi Kopenon (Next)

Marie Claire France

Marie Claire France: American Model Angela Lindvall (Women)

And last, but certainly not least…

Kim and Kanye

L’Officiel Hommes: Kim Kardashion and Kanye West

Qu’est-ce que c’est?!

One of Hollywood’s couples–christened KimYe by the tabloids–posed for the magazine’s March 4th cover. The expression on Kim’s face makes it clear that Kanye’s embrace is more than a bear hug…

A magazine cover like KimYe on L’Officiel Hommes would not rest comfortably on American newsstands. Remember Vanity Fair’s June 2008 issue featuring the underage Miley Cyrus? Parents across the nation were upset to see a young role model portrayed in a light that was too mature for her tween audience.

Given that Kim and Kanye are adults, and sensuality in art is quintessential to the French style, I was almost willing to give KimYe a pass for this pose, if it wasn’t for the fact that Kim is enceinte (pregnant)…


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