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26 Feb

Bienvenue à Macaron Hoarder~a blog dedicated to following the adventures of  a twentysomething Francophile (c’est moi) stuck in New England.

Je m’appelle Mia~an addict to all things deliciously and fabulously French, whether it be food (la cuisine), fashion ( la mode), or art (l’art).

I love going to French museum exhibits,  reading Flaubert, watching Chanel documentaries and eating  warm croissants in the morning.


In case you haven’t noticed, I am also a professional <<Franglais>> speaker.

I am inspired by the French attitude of  BCBG: “Bon Chic, Bon Genre.” Or, in English, “Good Style, Good Class.”

My goals for Macaron Hoarder is to explore my curiosities and dalliances in French culture in the spirit of BCBG.

Join me on mes aventures and the search of the perfect macaron.


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