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Hermes, Gay Marriage Protests, and a Super Suit: Paris in the News

25 Mar

One of my favorite things about Sunday (le dimanche) is that it’s the one day I really sit down and read the news. Mon père has subscribed to the New York Times for as long as I can remember. Needless to say, my favorite sections of the New York Times are the Styles sections published on Thursdays and Sundays.

This Sunday, the “Travel Spring” T Styles Magazine came in the Sunday paper. There’s a cool article–The Californication of Biarritz–that talks about how Biarritz is the new, hip place to be as St. Tropez is becoming too “bling-bling”.

photo (19)

After France, the next place I want to go is California. Any other person would aim to go to California first–no need for a passport, visa, language courses, or currency change–but France is my priority. Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone and just head to Biarritz, if it’s really considered “the California of France”…

Here are some other French culture and news articles to read, if you haven’t read them already:

Protesters Clash with Police at Last-Ditch Demonstration Against French Gay Marriage Law (Washington Post)

Hermès Reports Record Profitability as Revenue Surges in Asia (Bloomberg) via Business of Fashion

Dress Like the French: A Guide to Vintage Shopping in Paris (Conde Nast Traveler)

French Fashion Firm Makes Suit to Block Electromagnetic Waves (AFP Relax News) via Times Live


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